About Me

Hi! I am both dessert and design obsessed and can’t recall a time not contemplating one or the other seriously…Things that make my life sing tend to be rusty, stripey, reclaimed, handcrafted, textural, understated and, of course, all natural. And crazy delicious…! I treasure a little rustic with a little refined in all aspects of my life including my pie making. Reinventing nostalgic flavors in a simple, modern way then capturing and packaging them in a rustic way makes me endlessly happy. A major food bump in the road in 1999 when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease promptly put me on my track to pursue the perfect gluten free pastry. I was forced to rethink the way I had been baking since I was young and discovered that my passion was worth living everyday…..I live and peddle pies in Seattle and will continue to explore the beauty of the PNW and all the incredible flavors it has to offer. Check in with me to discover what I find intriguing, inspiring and unexpected.

Live. Love. Local. Gluten free!………Kris Etzel


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