Brownie Redux


It is no secret that I love chocolate…..I like it rich, gooey and intense in flavor. Growing up, my mom made all of our desserts from scratch, just amazing!- there are four of us, we are redheads- you get the picture, she is a saint! Thankfully, we appreciated what a special treat that was….it was, after all, the 70′s/80′s and the world was a big boxed cookie….. We were constantly moving from city to city and the smell of fresh cookies or a homemade cake coming from the kitchen was a real comfort. or was it tactical???? The promise of a hot chocolate chip cookie could get us to do just about anything…incredible!This brownie pie happens to be one of my favorite memories- it really is simply a brownie in a pie crust which, to me, is a pretty delicious concept. I decided to do a little reinventing and intensified the flavor with some Theo bittersweet chocolate and toasted chopped hazelnuts.