About frenchapple2013

I am a former fashion designer, forever baker persistently pursuing perfect gluten free pastry. After 20 years in fashion, I am joyously able to combine my love of design with my passion for pie. I live and peddle pies in Seattle... surrounded by the beauty of the PNW and endless supply of local flavor. Join me in my quest for delicious gluten free pie. Everyday.

Brownie Redux


It is no secret that I love chocolate…..I like it rich, gooey and intense in flavor. Growing up, my mom made all of our desserts from scratch, just amazing!- there are four of us, we are redheads- you get the picture, she is a saint! Thankfully, we appreciated what a special treat that was….it was, after all, the 70′s/80′s and the world was a big boxed cookie….. We were constantly moving from city to city and the smell of fresh cookies or a homemade cake coming from the kitchen was a real comfort. or was it tactical???? The promise of a hot chocolate chip cookie could get us to do just about anything…incredible!This brownie pie happens to be one of my favorite memories- it really is simply a brownie in a pie crust which, to me, is a pretty delicious concept. I decided to do a little reinventing and intensified the flavor with some Theo bittersweet chocolate and toasted chopped hazelnuts.